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Low-profile, deep-lane pallet storage is absolutely achievable and it’s likely more simple to implement than you may think. Push-back pallet flow is a very efficient pallet storage solution that gives you the reserve storage space you need with the SKU selectivity of a traditional push-back system without sacrificing the vertical space of a cart system. Additionally, a push-back lane created using pallet flow rails can go significantly deeper than a traditional cart system storing up to 12 pallets vs. 5-deep in a traditional system.

The Mallard engineering testing lab created a sample 5-deep push-back system for a chemical manufacturer to provide a dependable, Last-In/First-Out (LIFO) storage solution. Take a quick look to see this effective this warehouse solution come to life.

Push-Back System Design

  • 3-rail wheeled pallet flow
  • 9” wheel diameter wheels
  • Bolt-on ramp stops
  • ½” per foot pitch
  • 40” x 48” wood pallets
  • Load weights: 2000 – 3000 lbs.

The customer-supplied inventory provided the basis for a successful test.

  1. Quality pallets – these GMA-style pallets were all in very good shape and the standard sizes include four bottom boards to make good contact with the wheeled rails.
  2. Securely wrapped inventory – cartons are tightly wrapped in plastic to secure them to the pallets making it fast and easy to load and unload the pallets. Plastic wrap can be a challenge for a dynamic system like pallet flow or push-back rack. If the wrap is not well secured it can dangle and get caught in the lane. We advise that forklift operators should be trained to scan the pallets before loading them in the lane to be safe.

Pallet Flow Ramp Stops - Mallard ManufacturingBuilding the lane, the team relied on our Magnum wheel pallet flow rails to provide reliable use day in and day out with these heavily-loaded pallets. The wheel centers were set on 3”/2”/3” respectively to ensure good contact and pallet support down the lane.

We added our signature bolt-on ramp stops to the end of the rails to securely stop and hold the pallet in the lane. The bolt-on design reduces repair costs and simplifies the replacement process should the stop be damaged with repeat use.

Looking Good

Positive results for a push-back pallet flow system depend on whether the pallets flow in a controlled manner consistently and restart on their own after sitting in the lane. The forklift operator controls the indexing speed of the pallets by carefully backing out of the system with the extracted pallet.

During testing, we did not see any pallet hang-up even after leaving the pallets to sit in the lane overnight. Success!

Push-Back Pallet Rack - Mallard ManufacturingPush-Back Pallet Flow Advantages

  • Dynamic LIFO storage
  • Greater storage capacity vs. traditional push-back rack
  • Congestion free separate load and pick aisles
  • Stores up to 12 pallets per lane
  • Accommodates non-standard pallets
  • Easily converts to pallet flow for FIFO inventory rotation

If LIFO inventory storage works for you, then give the Mallard team a call and see how well gravity flow will perform. We are ready to test out the best pallet storage solution for your operation. Call today!