Push-Back Pallet Flow Rack - Mallard Manufacturing

We often demonstrate how pallet flow rack is an ideal pallet storage solution for FIFO inventory rotation, but what may come as a surprise is that pallet flow rack can also be configured as a push-back system and serve as an excellent LIFO inventory storage solution.

Deep-Lane Push-Back Pallet Flow

Push-back pallet flow rack is durable, simple to use, easy to maintain, accommodating both standard and non-standard pallets alike. In addition, by using Mallard’s heavy-duty pallet flow rails, our push-back systems can double the storage density of a traditional cart system from 5-6 pallets deep to 12-deep. Also, using pallet flow vs carts requires only minimal vertical height to accommodate such a deep-lane.

One of the biggest benefits of pallet flow vs a cart design, besides the storage density, is the flexibility of the system – Mallard push-back can be designed using Magnum wheel pallet flow rails, roller systems or economical steel skate wheel systems mounted in any number of configurations to fit long, short, wide and yes, standard-sized pallets. Our choice of wheeled or roller system depends on pallet style, pallet weight, warehouse conditions and overall need.


  • Supports Last-In/First-Out (LIFO) storage
  • Up to 12 pallets deep – double the storage density of traditional cart system
  • Stores unique SKU per lane
  • Easily converts to pallet flow for FIFO inventory rotation
  • Promotes selectivity for faster pick rates

Push-Back Pallet Flow Rack - Mallard ManufacturingA recent test for pallets weighing 550 lbs. each was conducted in our Engineering Test Lab. Here’s about a minute of the test video that shows how fast and efficient this system is to load and unload. The push-back pallet flow system being tested is skate wheel. This is an excellent choice for these lightweight, standard-sized wooden pallets.

What does your inventory look like? Could you use a more efficient, low-maintenance, and/or higher-density solution? Give us a call and we’ll explore the best pallet flow rack or push-back pallet flow options to meet your needs right in our own testing lab, then provide you with all the data to make the most informed decision.

Heading to Chicago for ProMat next month? Schedule some one-on-one time with our crew of gravity flow experts and be sure to bring your plans so we can discuss next steps!