Cooler and freezer warehousing is expensive, with costs as much as 10x more than ambient storage. To ensure the lowest operating cost per pallet, freezer storage area requires an optimized storage design with maximum pallet density. Pallet flow will do just that – delivering the highest system density, up to 15 pallets deep, with FIFO inventory rotation for food items and perishable goods. Pallet flow can increase freezer and storage potential by up to 60%.

But Be Careful, Looks Can be Deceiving – Not all pallet racking systems are built for freezer-cooler applications. You need a system designed to survive the harsh, frigid environment for the long term. While many systems are configured to look the same, looks are only skin deep… the REAL workhorse, which may be difficult to differentiate at first – is THE WHEEL.

Typical pallet flow wheels are manufactured with a standard polycarbonate which becomes brittle and fatigues in the brutal cold, ultimately chipping, cracking and breaking. This obviously leads to ongoing hang-ups, downtime and hefty wheel or lane replacement costs. Mallard recognized this and selected an extremely rugged, reinforced resin for their Magnum wheel pallet flow.

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