Pallet Flow M-Elevations by MallardMallard Manufacturing gravity flow solutions are customized to fit each warehouse space, configuration and product mix, but sometimes it’s hard to fully visualize our unique designs until installation is complete.  Well not anymore.  M-Elevations bridge the gap from concept to installation with cutting-edge graphics and detail.  Most importantly M-Elevations are provided as part of our complete warehousing pallet and/or carton flow racking design proposals.

M-Elevations is a proprietary pallet flow rack elevations program developed exclusively for Mallard engineers. Whether you are in need or carton flow racking for robust picking operations or pallet flow racking for larger storage and order fulfillment, or perhaps even a little of both in a pick-module configuration;  M-Elevations will show you how your new racking will function within the warehousing space.

M-Elevations for Pallet Flow:

M-Elevations for pallet flow aggregates pallet types, load weights, building specs, inventory and fulfillment goals to create your new, customized pallet flow system.  Customers can now evaluate their application design from broad system scope down to individual pallet lane configuration using M-Elevation drawings to ensure proper fit within the building and among other existing material handling systems.

Pallet Flow M-Elevations by MallardM-Elevations clearly define pallet flow lane details including height, depth and width in addition to beam heights, lift-off clearance, bay width and direction of flow.  The sample image to the right uses standard pallet dimensions however varying pallet types and dimensions can be captured and identified as well through M-Elevations to guarantee proper fit and clearance.

Advantages of M-Elevations for Pallet Flow:

  • Design for best use of available vertical & horizontal space
  • Visualize system before materials are ordered
  • Help team/management envision a particular application benefit
  • Accurately measure/plan for the following system requirements:
    • Clear height to ceiling
    • # of pallet positions stored
    • Type of lift trucks needed
    • Top of load dimensions
    • Pallet lane depth and width
    • Safety and emergency systems, i.e. sprinklers, guard rails, vehicle lanes

M-Elevations for Carton Flow:

M-Elevations for Carton Flow by Mallard
M-Elevations Carton Flow Front View

M-Elevations provide a detailed schematic of the proposed carton flow rack system to help you visualize the design before a single shelf is ordered.

Two important new views that can be provided with Mallard carton flow proposals are:

  • System Interface View – details upper level selective pallet rack positioning
  • Plan View Drawings – a top view of the gravity flow/pallet racking system within the warehousing footprint

The system interface view offers a valuable look at how the carton flow rack will fit within and work with selective pallet rack storage located above the flow rack.  This is a useful view particularly for order picking and reserve storage load/retrieval planning.

The plan view allows customers to see how the proposed design fits within their building parameters as a whole.  This schematic allows that “birds-eye” view of the full space with special consideration of the fixed features of the warehouse such as columns, doorways, docking, office space, etc. to ensure maneuverability and work flow efficiency.

Using customer supplied application parameters, such as, inventory profile, carton dimensions by SKU, available space and pallet rack/shelving specs — Mallard’s design team creates a carton flow rack design that both optimizes space and ensures the most ergonomic and efficient order picking system.

As an added bonus, M-Elevations will also help define an effective product/carton slotting plan, restocking schedule (peak or low activity times), and shelf heights.  2-3 carton flow profiles can be created to demonstrate various slotting options to establish the optimal cube utilization.

Advantages of M-Elevations for Carton Flow:

  • Plan your system layout and product slotting options
    • # cartons per shelf
    • # levels per bay
    • SKUs per lane
  • Determine % cube utilization
  • Define the ideal product flow for today and for future growth
  • Establish ergonomic beam levels for both charge & pick side –improving pick rates and preventing repetitive motion injuries
  • Prevent beam/shelf damage by setting beam heights for picking – no more stepping on beams or carton flow shelves
M-Elevations for Carton Flow by Mallard
M-Elevations Carton Flow Plan View

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