With Mallard Pallet Flow Speed Controllers

From lightweight containers to pallets weighing 3,000 lbs., Mallard speed controllers ensure your products travel safely down the lane at a controlled, steady speed. Similar to an automotive “shoe” brake – as the pallet picks up speed advancing down the lane, the internal gearing forces the brake pads against the inner surface of the brake hub to slow the pallet, or container to a safe speed.

Mallard speed controllers also provide necessary pallet flow guidance. By controlling the speed, pallets stay centered in the lane for reliable, steady pallet flow tracking. As with all Mallard gravity flow products, speed controllers require no external power source. They are easy to install and engineered and designed to last. To ensure a long, productive product life, our speed controllers are tested to 80,000 cycles.

Speed controller type and placement are influenced by several factors:

  • Warehouse environments (wet/dry, freezer, cold, ambient)
  • Construction and capacity of the pallet flow rails
  • Slope or pitch of the pallet flow rails
  • Resistance of the speed controller
  • Characteristics of pallet and load (size, shape, etc.)
  • Pallet type – GMA wooden pallet vs. plastic or custom pallet

Typically speed controllers are mounted at a single pallet interval, but ideal spacing is best determined by testing of actual pallet and load in our in-house testing lab.