Immediate Pallet Control

Speed controllers provide a necessary control mechanism to maintain a safe, measured pallet for speed as they advance down the lane. Acting as a sort of braking device, the speed controller slows the pallet and prevents it from gaining too much speed in the gravity-inspired process. Slowing the pallet provides better lane tracking which helps ensure that the pallet arrives squared with the lane opening at the pick face, thus facilitating a faster, easier forklift extraction.

Direct mount speed controllers are top mounted for immediate contact with the load and compatible with most wheel and roller track types: Magnum, skate wheel and split roller pallet flow. Direct mount speed controllers are used most often for floor-mounted and low profile pallet flow rack systems. Mallard speed controllers are available in light, medium and heavy-duty options to best meet your pallet flow inventory needs.


  • Controls pallet speed
  • Improves pallet tracking
  • Compatible with most pallet flow types and load capacities
  • Ideal for freezer applications
  • Durably constructed to last in tough warehouse environments


  • Compatible with Magnum wheel, steel skate wheel, and 4”BF split roller pallet flow
  • Available in light, medium and heavy-duty options
  • Load weight variance is approximately 800#