Indirect Mount Pallet Flow Speed ControllerIndirect mount speed controllers are mounted underneath full roller pallet flow systems and preferred in many cases because they do not make direct contact with the load. Indirect mounting is not recommended for use with steel containers or pallets with steel-bottom runners because of potential skidding of pallet over conveyor rollers.


  • Ensures pallets flow safely down the lane at a controlled, steady speed
  • Helps pallets track properly down the lane
  • Durable construction – designed, manufactured and tested to last
  • Ideal for freezer applications


  • Used for full roller pallet flow and conventional gravity conveyor
  • Available in light, medium and heavy duty options
  • Can be used for roller centers up to 5″
    • Note: anything greater than 4” requires additional rollers
  • Installed with 2/3/4” centers

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