1. Introducing Mallard’s New Heavy-Duty Carton Flow Lane Dividers

    Whether you’re choosing to fully separate SKU lanes for productivity and accuracy or you’re required to do so as a compliance issue, the NEW Dyna-Flo HD carton flow lane dividers are an excellent choice and offer a broad-range of operational benefits. Getting the Most from your Carton Flow System Dyna-Flo HD full-length lane dividers consist of heavy-duty tubing that easily drops into custom m…Read More

  2. A New Look at Productivity Enhancing Carton Flow Accessories

    New Carton Flow Accessory Resource Enhances Customer Experience Looking for information on carton flow systems? Design, function, options, and accessories? We’ve got you covered. Mallard offers product application and design specifications for all our carton flow products and now we’ve updated our carton flow rack accessories pages to contain up-to-date content and expanded navigation. Individ…Read More

  3. New Options for Faster Carton Flow Order Fulfillment

    Carton Flow Entry Guides While all Mallard’s carton flow racking is created to perform evenly and with consistent lane tracking, there are times when guides and dividers are beneficial.  Some product categories demand SKU separation like pharma and food, but for increased speed of loading and picking, we often recommend entry guides and lane dividers. The newest member of the Mallard entry gu…Read More