1. Size Matters in Full-Width Roller Carton Flow Rack

    Ok material handling experts, what’s wrong with this picture?     If you can’t see it, take a look at the close up to the right… How about now?  You guessed it… the cartons, while properly loaded, are too big for the full-width roller carton flow lanes, causing overlap, potential system hang-ups, poor lane tracking and interference with adjacent lanes. Full-width roller carton flow, lik…Read More

  2. Mallard Carton Flow Impact Tray – Built to Take the Punishment

    Minimize carton flow wheel and track damage caused by heavy carton loading with a simple, cost-effective accessory – Mallard’s Carton Flow Impact Tray. Here’s how it works – the impact tray is mounted flush with the top of the carton flow wheels on the load side of the system.  The shelf disperses the impact and carton load weight across the shelf vs. directly on the tracks, preventing be…Read More