1. An ‘Out of the Box’ Application for Dyna-Flo HD Carton Flow

    It’s warehouse application projects like these - the unique, challenging or ‘out of the box‘ applications - that keep Mallard’s engineering design and in-house testing team on their toes.  And in this case, we mean that literally as they created a carton flow rack solution (sans the carton) for a major automotive accessories manufacturer. While at first glance this looks like a pallet fl…Read More

  2. How to Win and Keep Customers with Carton Flow Each Picking

    The race for 100% customer satisfaction ends with fast, accurate order fulfillment… and a very happy, repeat customer.  It begins in your warehouse with the challenge to find the most efficient, yet affordable, order picking strategies to get the job done.  Finicky consumers, rising SKUs and smaller orders make each picking from carton flow a critical part of this process.  So how can you hel…Read More

  3. Puzzle Solved -Toy Distributor Finds the Right Carton Flow Fit with Mallard Testing

    Finding the right carton flow system certainly wasn't all fun and games for this particular customer and leading toy distributor.  There was a lot riding on the decision - like hundreds of toy retailers across all 50 states and 30 countries worldwide.  With thousands of changing SKUs and a wide range of carton sizes, shapes and weights, the company needed 100% confidence that the system they cho…Read More

  4. Mallard DIY Video Series – How to Install Your Own Carton Flow System

    Dyna-Flo carton flow - it's flexible for changing carton sizes and SKUs - space-saving by over 50% vs. conventional shelving - super-efficient for faster order selection and …. easy to install.  With our DYI instructional video series, you can jumpstart these benefits by retrofitting your own pallet rack with Dyna-Flo carton flow tracks - all in just a few simple steps.   Take a look….  H…Read More

  5. Does Your Carton Flow System Need Full Lane Dividers?

    The good news is… probably not. All Mallard carton flow systems, from Cart-Trak roller systems to Dyna-Flo and Dyna-Deck full bed carton flow, provide smooth product flow with consistent lane tracking. There are, however, some applications that mandate 100% product separation, like pharmaceutical, medical devices or automotive manufacturing for example, where order picking accuracy is extremely …Read More

  6. How to Choose the Right Carton Flow for Your Application

    You already know you need a better way to handle carton storage and improve ordering picking operations - from better space utilization to more ergonomic, productive order selection, carton flow is the obvious choice.  The next step, determining which system is best for your application, can be a far more daunting question and critical to carton flow system performance. Your first step is to have…Read More