1. Preventing Pallet Flow Speed Controller Failure | Mallard Best Practices

    No one wants to hear the words, “We have a system failure.” When you're talking pallet flow racking, one component in particular that can cause the system to break down if it is not properly configured into the lane is the speed controller. Speed controllers are vital to the safe operation of the pallet flow lane and to ensure that everything keeps moving forward as intended. To that end, let…Read More

  2. Start to Finish Pick Aisle Performance – Pallet Flow with Empty Pallet Return Lanes

    Order fulfillment efficiency is enhanced with a fast, safe, and easy way to remove empty pallets. Let’s face it, the goal of the pick aisle is to move through inventory accurately and quickly. Pallet flow rack is a perfect way to do that, but when the cases are all picked why slow down the workflow or create a congested and unsafe work area with a clutter of empty pallets? Installing empty palle…Read More

  3. High-Volume & Heavy-Duty Case Picking –Flex Separator for Pallet Flow

    Flex Separator for pallet flow has been updated and improved to meet a greater variety of customer warehouse challenges. Flex separator is installed in floor-mounted pallet flow to optimize high-volume case picking. The deep-lane configuration stores a ready-reserve of 4-8 pallets deep thus the role of the pallet separator is crucial in removing the potential danger of back pressure in the lane. B…Read More