1. 7 FAQs — Designing Deep-Lane Pallet Flow Using the Forklift Separator

    The forklift separator (FL-300) is a friend for deep-lane, multi-level, high-density pallet flow systems. Why do we say that? Deep-lane systems are highly efficient and productive uses of warehouse space and resources, as long as they are properly designed to accommodate for pallet back pressures... that’s where the forklift separator springs into action. Back pressure is the force of gravity in…Read More

  2. A Little Guidance to Go the Distance in Deep Lane Pallet Flow

    Pallet flow rack is one of those unique storage products that’s effective in shallow lane, deep lane and even deep-deep lane configurations. It’s simple to use and maintain while performing the valuable, space-saving functions of automatic pallet replenishment and orderly first-in/first-out inventory management. Of course, these benefits are only reaped if the product does what it is intended …Read More

  3. Premium Pasta Producer Doubles Up Pallet Flow Rack Tests with Impressive Results

    Push-back pallet flow vs traditional pallet flow rack, what did we find? Can you say this three times fast:  Premium pasta producer needs pallet flow product?  Ok we’re having a little fun, but we’re not making light of the fact that our engineering testing lab came through in a big way for this leading food processor. The Challenge: The proposed system had to accommodate a variety of pasta …Read More

  4. Pallet Flow Racking vs. Simple Selective Pallet Rack… When & Why?

    The decision to use pallet flow racking over selective pallet rack doesn’t have to be a difficult, but should be made with proper preparation to ensure the best-fit system for your application.  The main similarities of the two pallet rack systems are that they both support first-in/first out (FIFO) product rotation. and that they are supported by a system of uprights and crossbeams… but asid…Read More

  5. How to Relieve Back Pressure in Extra-Deep Pallet Flow Systems

    Whether you're using pallet flow for high density full pallet storage or floor level case-pick applications, back pressure - the pressure exerted from the weight of the rear pallets - can have serious impact on worker safety and productivity.  Back pressure is approximately 6% of the combined weight of the rear pallet loads. Example: 5-deep system, each pallet having a 2,500 lb. load. Back pressu…Read More