1. New Carton Flow with Bearings Delivers Cost-Efficient Storage Solution

    Take a good look at this picture. What you are looking at is a unique approach for using carton flow. Yes, that is Cart-Trak carton flow… and yes, it’s mounted on the floor! We had an interesting challenge for a customer and as usual, we got “out of the box” to solve their warehousing need. This customer uses tall boxes to store and ship insultation and filtration products. To off-load eff…Read More

  2. Extend-a-Rail Pallet Flow Reaches for Heavy-Duty Applications

    Mallard’s latest pallet flow product innovation has gone HD to accommodate substantially weighted palletized material.  Extend-a-Rail is a unique mobile, expandable pallet flow product for flexible storage and assembly situations like dock staging and production/assembly areas. Extend-a-Rail HD offers heavy-duty wheel and bearing combinations along the rails that are manufactured to accommodate…Read More