1. Bottle Pick Rack Packs in the Power to Release Order Picking Efficiency

    Bottle pick rack is a creative warehouse storage solution that was designed by the Mallard engineers to support our beverage distribution customers. As is often the case, once we’ve designed a new gravity flow product, it’s easy to find imaginative ways to use that product to solve other warehousing challenges. Check out this interesting non-beverage application recently tested in our Engineer…Read More

  2. Reaching New Heights with Dyna-Flo HD Carton Flow Rack

    Unique carton flow rack application stretches design and engineering concepts to lift fitness equipment manufacturer to optimum productivity. Ok, we’ll stop there with the puns, we promise… but, seriously take a look at this unconventional, yet highly effective, carton flow rack system design. The Challenge Store and organize numerous SKUs to ensure accurate, efficient piece picking on the ass…Read More

  3. Spring into Efficiency with Cart-Trak Carton Flow Rack

    I scream, you scream… are you wondering what all the screaming is about? It’s officially spring and that means that warehouses across the country are gearing up and reconfiguring to meet the demand for those warm weather foods. Mallard’s Cart-Trak carton flow rack is an easy to install, versatile and dependable warehousing solution that keeps SKUs moving while improving order picking accurac…Read More

  4. Sticky Situation is Smooth Sailing on Dyna-Flo Carton Flow

    Dyna-Flo HD with Tilt Tray Speeds Up Magnetized Parts Supply Smooth running parts supply is integral to smooth manufacturing, and one of the best warehousing tools to ensure orderly, effective parts supply is carton flow. Add a tilt tray to the carton flow rack design and you increase picking ergonomics, accuracy and speed… that is if the product isn’t magnetized to the rack.  If that sounds …Read More

  5. Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow Comes to Life in New 3D Animated Video

    We’ve often shared the benefits and numerous application options of Mallard’s Magnum Wheel pallet flow, captured in test videos, photos, illustrations and blogs, but our new animated video does and says it all…  in about one minute! Take a look and watch Magnum in action, used in conjunction with a variety of pallet flow rack accessories, including speed controllers, entry guides and ramp s…Read More