1. Introducing Wireless Control for Ergo Cell Pneumatic Pallet Separators

    Mallard’s Ergo Cell is a pneumatic-controlled pallet separator used in pallet flow lanes for ergonomic case picking. The Ergo Cell separator holds back the rear pallets in the flow lane so that the pallet can be safely elevated on a lift table. Lift tables create an ideal pick height limiting range of motion stresses for workers. Ergo Cell Pallet Separator Benefits Ergonomic case picking Elimina…Read More

  2. Case-Picking by the Numbers with Mallard’s Case-Pick Separator

    Whether it’s 10,000 cases or 10,000 lbs. or both, the Mallard case-pick separator delivers the cost-effective results you need to meet your productivity goals. The newly redesigned CP 100 case-pick separator is more heavy-duty and will handle all of your case-pick inventory. Heavy bottles, cans, auto parts, frozen food, etc. the case-pick separator is the best way to deliver case picking efficie…Read More