1. Full-Roller vs Split-Roller Pallet Flow Rack? | Mallard Best Practices

    Mallard Best Practices blogs are an opportunity for our team to address frequently asked customer questions regarding our various gravity flow products. Here’s one that comes up often… “When should I choose split-roller vs. full-roller pallet flow rack? While there is not an absolute answer to this question, there are guidelines that we can share to help you make the right choice. To start, …Read More

  2. Pallet Type Drives Pallet Flow Rack Configuration for Auto Parts Supplier

    We constantly ask for gravity flow challenges that we can test in our Engineering Testing Lab and boy, recently we got our wish.  A Midwest auto parts supplier was looking for an efficient pallet flow rack system, but the challenge was that they relied on not just one or two, but three different types of plastic pallets plus metal container pallets too!  With so many pallets and several pallet f…Read More