1. It Takes Ultra-Grip to Halt the Skid & Control the Flow | Pallet Flow Design Tips

    Over the years we have seen our share of differently styled storage crates. One look at this interesting metal “hotel rack” crate and we knew that it was nothing that a well-designed pallet flow rack system couldn’t handle. Here are the steps we took to design the most efficient gravity flow solution for these unique storage crates. Watch our test video. Pallet Flow Lane Design Pallet flow l…Read More

  2. Overcoming Point Load and Fluctuating Inventory in Full Roller Pallet Flow

    As 2020 rolls to a close we couldn’t resist bringing you this recent full roller pallet flow test. Nothing represents this past year better than the image of giant rolls of white paper flowing out of a distribution center. While these rolls aren’t the infamous white paper of 2020, the test is a really good review of the concerns about point loading and how to go about finding a universal palle…Read More

  3. Non-Standard Pallets & Pallet Flow – Making Pallet Alternatives Work | Mallard Best Practices

    As businesses search for eco-friendly, cost-effective ways to manufacture and deliver their products, each element of the inventory process is under scrutiny. As a result, our gravity flow rack testing facility has seen an uptick in activity due to the creative pallet choices and materials customers are exploring. As we test different pallet types in our pallet flow lanes, we find workable solutio…Read More

  4. Before & After – Pallet Flow Rack Delivers a Tall Order for an Auto Parts Manufacturer

    When an auto parts interiors manufacturer found themselves low on space and in need of a make-sense solution to meet growing demand and increasing SKUs, pallet flow rack rolled in to stack up the savings. As you can see from the Before image above, the original plan centered around floor stacking oversized pallets filled with raw materials. As inventory expanded, so did the time it took for worker…Read More

  5. Introducing Full Roller Flex Separator for Floor-Mounted Pallet Flow

    Full roller pallet flow is a popular pallet flow solution for good reason. It is manufactured to go the distance using heavy-duty components designed to be reliable in hectic warehouse environments. More than that, the full-width design allows for pallets of different sizes and configurations to flow dependably making it ideal for distributors that make quick inventory adjustments. And could there…Read More

  6. Pitching the Best Pallet Storage Solution with Pallet Flow

    Looking for a solution for plastic pallet storage? The search is over, we’ve got your answer. Full roller pallet flow is our go-to for inventory stored on plastic pallets. Full roller offers more roller to pallet contact and with the addition of Mallard’s Ultra-Grip roller speed controllers, control rules the day. Let us show you why we recommend this lane design. Ultra-Grip rollers are rubber…Read More

  7. Gravity Flow Solution Hits the Sweet Spot for Confections Manufacturer

    Full Roller Pallet Flow Equipped with 2.5" Diameter Roller Brakes Nothing stops the sweets from coming… at least not in this full roller pallet flow lane. See how the Mallard team pulled together a successful test of these plastic picture frame pallets for a worldwide confectionery products manufacturer. Plastic Pallets Prove Puzzling Plastic pallets are commonly used in food manufacturing. Howe…Read More

  8. Full Roller Pallet Flow Stacks Up for Eco-Friendly Solution

    There are a lot of reasons why suppliers choose plastic pallets. Among the attributes, they are recyclable, lighter weight than wood, washdown & food compliant, don’t splinter, and there are no nails. They are a great resource and our Engineering Testing Lab sees them regularly to test in new pallet flow system designs. Testing is important with plastic pallets because there are so many pall…Read More

  9. When to Set Pallet Flow Rollers High vs. Low | Mallard Best Practices

    Mallard full and split-roller pallet flow systems are built to endure rigorous, daily use in busy warehouse and fulfillment operations. Properly configuring your system to go the distance, though, has everything to do with your specific inventory and pallet type. Related to that and an important part of the overall system configuration is how the rollers are mounted to the flow rails. Because this…Read More

  10. New Field Installed Brake Assembly (FIBA) Ensures Faster, Easier Installation

    Full roller pallet flow is a highly-efficient, multi-purpose material handling solution offering deep-reserve pallet storage and an easy to access, automatically replenished pick face. Full roller is often the chosen pallet flow configuration for warehouse operations that need to accommodate pallets of varying sizes and weights while relying on a single flow configuration. Where there is a need to…Read More