1. Unconventional Design Unites Full & Split Roller Pallet Flow in Single Lane

    Super sacks on pallet flow rack is nothing new in the Mallard engineering testing lab. In fact, in the past we’ve successfully used full roller, split roller and our Magnum wheeled pallet flow lanes to accommodate super sacks, but we’ve never combined two pallet flow styles in one lane… until now. This is one unique pallet flow design, and for good reason. Here’s the story: Pallet Flow Lan…Read More

  2. Safe Surfing for the Big Waves… Mallard’s New Ultra-Grip Roller for Pallet Flow Rack

    Pallet surfing may sound like fun but in reality, it can be dangerous stuff. In the world of roller pallet flow rack systems, we work very hard to ensure that loaded pallets flow steady and controlled down the lane. Pallet surfing occurs when a pallet flows too fast, defects, tracks improperly down the lane and/or doesn’t come to a controlled and steady stop. In our experience plastic pallets ar…Read More

  3. Outside the Box Thinking Leads to Inside the Box Solution

    Admittedly, you’re probably wondering what we are showing you in the image above. Well, it’s a very unique push-back pallet flow solution to a very unique storage challenge. Let us explain… A global petroleum refiner was looking for a way to efficiently store IBC (intermediate bulk storage ) containers of raw materials at multiple refineries. The tricky part was that these IBC containers had…Read More

  4. Customer Requested… Mallard Delivered and Then Some!

    2.5” Diameter Pallet Flow Handles Heavy-Weight Plastic Pallets The customer is always right, but we also know a thing or two. So, when we were asked to provide a 2.5” full roller pallet flow option to our pallet flow rack product line we were happy to oblige. However, we also felt the need to see if there was any way to improve upon a standard 2.5” roller pallet flow lane… here’s where t…Read More

  5. Scientific Method on Display in Testing Lab Pallet Flow Test

    Testing lightweight plastic pallets with various load weights You remember learning in grade school about the importance of observing, measuring and experimenting in order to form an educated opinion or solution right? Well thankfully the Mallard Testing Lab engineers certainly do and they regularly use this process while solving client pallet flow product challenges.  One of the most often aske…Read More

  6. Testing Plastic Pallets Leads to Custom Pallet Flow Rack Solution for Online Retailer

    Mallard pallet flow racking systems have seen it all - metal pallets, IBC containers, wooden and plastic pallets of course, and even cardboard.  Our in-house engineering testing lab is where we test all different pallet options to simulate applications before purchase and to help design solutions to existing pallet flow challenges for our customers.  A recent test for an online retailer gave us …Read More

  7. Pick A Size, Any Size… Full Roller Pallet Flow Rack Can Handle It

    Pallet Sizes Change but Full Roller Pallet Flow Rack Keeps Flowing  Last week we provided some answers to FAQs that we get from customers regarding our full roller pallet flow rack systems.  In that blog, we said this about Mallard full roller pallet flow: “Full roller is also the most flexible type of pallet flow rack, ideal for users who have a variety of pallet sizes and footprints. As pall…Read More

  8. Car Maker Finds Universal Pallet Flow Solution on Mallard Test Drive

    Another case solved for the engineering test team at Mallard!  We were asked by a leading car manufacturer if we had one pallet flow system that would work for their wide range of products and pallets in their manufacturing parts assembly areas.  No Problem… we thought.  But as the variables grew, we knew that a comprehensive “test drive” in our in-house testing lab was the only approach …Read More