1. Pick-Reserve… What a Concept! Rolling Out an Efficient Solution

    Quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively filling orders are the primary goals of any distribution facility. One of the biggest challenges to ensuring success is constantly replenishing pick lanes. Thankfully, there is a gravity flow solution for that. Pallet flow and carton flow both offer a variety of benefits for orderly and efficient inventory picking including smooth inventory replenishment. …Read More

  2. Pallet Flow Test Fail? What Can Go Wrong and How to Make It Work

    It’s always important to test non-standard pallets before committing to a pallet flow lane configuration.  While the Mallard team has a large variety of products and features to apply to a pallet flow lane to ensure success, on rare occasions we come across pallets that present too many challenges to be able to recommend use in a pallet flow lane… at least without alteration. These oversized …Read More

  3. Cart-Trak Carton Flow Pitches a Winning Strategy for Tote Storage

    Cart-Trak carton flow is a full-width roller product best applied to heavy-duty applications with consistently-sized inventory. Totes are a common sight on Cart-Trak carton flow because it is super durable and abuse-resistant while providing superior flow. Cart-Trak rollers are galvanized for rust-resistance and easy cleaning and the lanes are designed for quick drop-in installation into standard …Read More

  4. Pallet Flow Helps Dairy Producer Moove Precious Cargo

    Food production is a whole other animal when it comes to moving product fast and clean. That’s why gravity flow is a great resource for food companies like the dairy producer highlighted in our latest pallet flow system test. The goals are ensuring that their products are handled efficiently and with care. The cargo is stored in both IBC containers and metal drums that are plastic wrapped to pal…Read More

  5. Steel Skate Wheel in the Driver’s Seat for Smart, Economical Pallet Flow

    Mallard steel skate wheel pallet flow is both durable and economical, typically designed for lane depths from 2 -5 deep and loads under 2000#. A recent in-house test in our Engineering Test Lab demonstrates the process for configuring the most effective lane design. The customer supplied cases of vehicular lighting products plastic wrapped onto non-standard-sized wooden pallets for the Mallard tea…Read More

  6. Gravity Flow Solution Hits the Sweet Spot for Confections Manufacturer

    Full Roller Pallet Flow Equipped with 2.5" Diameter Roller Brakes Nothing stops the sweets from coming… at least not in this full roller pallet flow lane. See how the Mallard team pulled together a successful test of these plastic picture frame pallets for a worldwide confectionery products manufacturer. Plastic Pallets Prove Puzzling Plastic pallets are commonly used in food manufacturing. Howe…Read More

  7. It’s OK to be a Lightweight – Durable & Efficient Pallet Flow Rack for Manufacturing & Assembly

    We often test the effectiveness of pallet flow rack for warehouse storage and distribution functions. Many of those test results are detailed in our regular blog series, but less often do we discuss the benefits for manufacturing and assembly operations. However, when these giant foam blocks arrived at our in-house Engineering and Testing Lab, we knew we needed to share this application. While the…Read More

  8. Runners Take Their Mark to Keep Auto Parts Moving

    Simple Modification Makes Pallet Flow a Reality for Large Metal Crates Our auto parts manufacturing and assembly customers always seem to have interesting pallet and carton flow challenges. This latest pallet flow racking test for a major auto parts supplier is no different. The Mallard in-house testing lab received several  empty crates and others with sample product for testing. As you can see,…Read More

  9. Happy Birthday America from Mallard Manufacturing!

    July 4th is almost like a restart on the year.  It’s the reminder to savor the long summer days while we have them and maybe even slow down just a bit and take in all that we’ve accomplished thus far. All of us at Mallard hope you had a great 4th of July weekend!  As you head back to work, remember we are here to help you make your warehousing operations more productive and efficient and we…Read More

  10. New Views Enhance M-Elevation Features for Carton Flow Rack Planning

    Mallard’s proprietary M-elevation drawings are provided with every carton flow racking and pallet flow racking proposal.  These engineering schematics help customers visualize their proposed gravity flow system designs prior to purchasing. And now… M-Elevations offers an even better view. Two important new views are now avail with your Mallard carton flow rack proposals are: System Interface …Read More