1. Product Slotting and Carton Flow Rack: The Mallard Difference

    Picking operations for order fulfillment are one of the most expensive warehousing functions and thus a critical area for close evaluation and process optimization. Did someone say, “Carton Flow Rack?” Ok that may have been us, but seriously while carton flow rack may not be the best choice for all your hand-picked inventory, it is a great solution for most of it, and here’s why. Inventory s…Read More

  2. 4 Tips for Fast, Accurate Carton Flow Order Picking

    Customers want choices. They want their products in stock and orders shipped fast, leaving logistics and DC operators scrambling to handle more SKUs with quicker than ever turnarounds. Not easy!  Add the high cost of labor and space and they need some easy, affordable strategies to move more products quickly and accurately. Here you go….  4 Tips for Fast, Accurate Carton Flow Order Picking. 1)…Read More