1. Pealing Back the Layers of Pallet Flow Design for Layer Picking

    Creating custom palletized orders via a layer pick system means building a pallet, one layer at a time using a layer pick forklift attachment or similar apparatus. The completed pallet is often called a “rainbow” pallet as it is made up of different layers of inventory – i.e. a unique SKU of cases per layer. Using pallet flow rack vs simple floor stacking to continually feed reserve stock fo…Read More

  2. 7 FAQs –Building a Rainbow with Pallet Flow Layer Pick Separator

    Considering a layer pick application for your high-volume, high-SKU order fulfillment?... Good Pick! Layer picking is a highly productive, cost-effective solution for beverage, wine & spirits, grocery, or retail applications requiring multiple or mixed SKU pallet shipments. Each layer of cases on the pallet is comprised of a different SKU, creating a multi-layered “rainbow” pallet. The fun…Read More

  3. Building a Rainbow with Pallet Flow Layer Pick Separators

    Layer picking is a high-rate, high-SKU order fulfillment application used in warehouses across many industries to increase efficiencies and reduce fulfillment costs.  Layer picking operations are made even more efficient when combined with pallet flow racking equipped with specialty separators from Mallard… but we’re not expecting you to take just our word for it; instead you can see it for y…Read More

  4. Want to Optimize Your Pallet Flow Layer Pick Operation…. Just Think in Reverse!

    At Mallard, we look at each challenge to find not just the gravity flow product that best fits the need, but the most intelligent way to implement a complete gravity flow solution. Recently, we designed a pallet flow system to be used with a layer-pick order fulfillment application for a leading paint manufacturer.  While that in and of itself is not at all unusual… how we designed the pallet f…Read More

  5. 10 Questions to Ask When Evaluating the Need for Pallet Separators

    Pallet flow racking is a popular high-density warehouse storage solution that maximizes capacity and throughput.  However, the fact that gravity is the main “driver” of the system the challenge of pallet flow is to make sure that the front pallet position is not just always filled but also that it can be safely picked.  Pitch, lane configuration and wheel/roller assembly are essential design…Read More

  6. Take the Pressure Off Your Layer Picking Process with Mallard’s Layer Pick Separator

    Pallet Flow Separator Blog Series Part 4 Layer picking is the retrieval of a full layer of cartons from a pallet in a single pick.  It allows warehousing operations to maintain lower cost of goods pricing to their customers and still quickly and effectively supply product.  An inherent difficulty in a traditional gravity-fed layer picking set up however is the force or pressure that is placed u…Read More