1. When Wrong-Way Pallet Orientation is the Right Solution

    Pallet orientation is a critical part of pallet flow rack lane design. When we refer to orientation, we are defining the positioning of the pallet stringers (a.k.a. runners) to the direction of flow. Pallets can be positioned for the stringers to flow perpendicular or parallel to the direction of flow. When the stringers run parallel to the direction of flow, that is oriented the “easy” way or…Read More

  2. Splice Less, Save More with Mallard 20’ Pallet Flow Rails

    Deep-lane pallet flow systems are designed to maximize your warehouse efficiency… and with Mallard extra-long 20’ rails, we ensure that efficiency is built into every detail, including installation. Take a look... Mallard’s uniquely designed 20’ long pallet flow rails go up faster and more cost-effectively than typical industry products that are available in only 8’, 9’ or 10’ length…Read More

  3. Don’t Let Pallet Flow Efficiency Go to the Dogs – Rely on Magnum Wheel for Heavy Pallets

    Magnum Pallet Flow Rack Tests Best for Heavy Pet Food Pallets The Mallard Test Lab was busy recently helping man’s best friend.  Most of us know what it’s like to heft one 40lb bag of pet food, but it’s a different story when you have to store and fulfill thousands of pounds of the stuff… so what’s the best way to handle that?  Well, the Mallard engineers tested several pallet flow rac…Read More