1. A Sweet Test for Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow

    Candy may come in all shapes and sizes but one Magnum wheel pallet flow system can handle it all. Cartons stacked low or cartons stacked high… pallet flow rack handles the load. The only thing that can get sticky in this set up is if the cartons are stacked on broken and poor conditioned pallets. That’s a challenge we often warn against, and not just for the effectiveness of the pallet flow ra…Read More

  2. Pallet Flow Rack for E-Commerce – Design the Purr-fect Solution

    When your customer offers Free one-day shipping, the pressure is on to ensure that their DC is the model of efficiency. It makes sense then to use pallet flow rack as part of the material handling solution. Pallet flow is a gravity flow solution that is dependable, low-maintenance, easy-to use and can be designed to handle all types of inventory in a variety of warehousing applications. A recent p…Read More

  3. Magnum Wheel Replaces Skate Wheel Pallet Flow for Heavy Produce

    The Right Pallet Flow Racking is Central to Efficient Case Picking One potato, two potato… leads to heavy cases of potatoes and a lot of pressure on a pallet flow system intended to work optimally to increase picking efficiencies. Enter Magnum wheel pallet flow rack. Magnum wheel is precisely designed for heavy-duty applications like this produce fulfillment warehouse pictured above left… the …Read More

  4. Seasonal Storage Struggles? Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow to the Rescue!

    Ok so that’s one way to do it, but we think we may have a better, more efficient way to store this delicate treat.   Magnum wheel pallet flow meets both the fast turnaround and expiration sensitive challenges of storing watermelons or any other produce product. In a recent application video, you will see that Magnum wheel actually meets up to 3x’s the challenge.  That’s three levels of wa…Read More

  5. Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow Comes to Life in New 3D Animated Video

    We’ve often shared the benefits and numerous application options of Mallard’s Magnum Wheel pallet flow, captured in test videos, photos, illustrations and blogs, but our new animated video does and says it all…  in about one minute! Take a look and watch Magnum in action, used in conjunction with a variety of pallet flow rack accessories, including speed controllers, entry guides and ramp s…Read More

  6. Pallet Type Drives Pallet Flow Rack Configuration for Auto Parts Supplier

    We constantly ask for gravity flow challenges that we can test in our Engineering Testing Lab and boy, recently we got our wish.  A Midwest auto parts supplier was looking for an efficient pallet flow rack system, but the challenge was that they relied on not just one or two, but three different types of plastic pallets plus metal container pallets too!  With so many pallets and several pallet f…Read More

  7. Mooove It! How Gravity Flow Improves Storage Productivity for Dairy Distributors

    Dairy is a unique material handling category with its own set of rules.  Product is date-sensitive, must be climate controlled, must meet strict sanitation guidelines, and most significantly for our industry, it is ever expanding.  Gone are the days when fluid milk was simply processed and shipped.  Today milk is whole, 2%, 1%, skim and either cow, almond, organic, soy, lactose-free, and even c…Read More