1. Buyer Beware – Comparing Mechanical vs Magnetic Pallet Flow Speed Controllers

    Pallet flow speed controllers ensure that pallets flow in a controlled manner and at a safe speed down a pallet flow lane. Mallard offers four types of pallet flow speed controllers to ensure that no matter what kind of gravity flow lane you’ve designed, your inventory and team can rely on safe, effective, controlled flow. Benefits of Mallard Pallet Flow Speed Controllers Variety - 5 different s…Read More

  2. Preventing Pallet Flow Speed Controller Failure | Mallard Best Practices

    No one wants to hear the words, “We have a system failure.” When you're talking pallet flow racking, one component in particular that can cause the system to break down if it is not properly configured into the lane is the speed controller. Speed controllers are vital to the safe operation of the pallet flow lane and to ensure that everything keeps moving forward as intended. To that end, let…Read More

  3. New Field Installed Brake Assembly (FIBA) Ensures Faster, Easier Installation

    Full roller pallet flow is a highly-efficient, multi-purpose material handling solution offering deep-reserve pallet storage and an easy to access, automatically replenished pick face. Full roller is often the chosen pallet flow configuration for warehouse operations that need to accommodate pallets of varying sizes and weights while relying on a single flow configuration. Where there is a need to…Read More

  4. Choosing Drop-In or Indirect-Mount Speed Controllers for Pallet Flow

    Speed controllers are used in pallet flow rack to control both the speed and tracking of the pallet as it flows down the lane. Because pallet flow rack is a gravity flow solution where pallets are loaded from a charge aisle and flow on a slightly pitched wheeled or roller lane to a discharge (pick) aisle, the flow speed and tracking of the pallets must be controlled. The lane is design is based up…Read More

  5. Safe Surfing for the Big Waves… Mallard’s New Ultra-Grip Roller for Pallet Flow Rack

    Pallet surfing may sound like fun but in reality, it can be dangerous stuff. In the world of roller pallet flow rack systems, we work very hard to ensure that loaded pallets flow steady and controlled down the lane. Pallet surfing occurs when a pallet flows too fast, defects, tracks improperly down the lane and/or doesn’t come to a controlled and steady stop. In our experience plastic pallets ar…Read More

  6. Customer Requested… Mallard Delivered and Then Some!

    2.5” Diameter Pallet Flow Handles Heavy-Weight Plastic Pallets The customer is always right, but we also know a thing or two. So, when we were asked to provide a 2.5” full roller pallet flow option to our pallet flow rack product line we were happy to oblige. However, we also felt the need to see if there was any way to improve upon a standard 2.5” roller pallet flow lane… here’s where t…Read More

  7. V-Shaped Pallets Take Victory Run Down Split-Roller Flow Rails

    If you’re used to more traditional pallet storage, this image may be a little intimidating.  What are you looking at you ask?  This is a 5½’ long, 2400# drum on an extra-long plastic pallet. Usually we would describe why a gravity flow pallet lane test was needed by listing the challenges, but in this case… the challenges must be pretty evident!  A huge, round product like this certainly…Read More

  8. Bet You Haven’t Seen Pallet Flow Like This Before?

    How some creative pallet flow engineering found a way… when there really wasn’t a way! Buying in bulk will certainly save you money, but what if you just don’t have the warehousing space to store a 4-6 month supply of product?  Recently a customer presented us with this interesting challenge – bulk purchasing by container load two or three times a year really worked for them financially, …Read More

  9. Premium Pasta Producer Doubles Up Pallet Flow Rack Tests with Impressive Results

    Push-back pallet flow vs traditional pallet flow rack, what did we find? Can you say this three times fast:  Premium pasta producer needs pallet flow product?  Ok we’re having a little fun, but we’re not making light of the fact that our engineering testing lab came through in a big way for this leading food processor. The Challenge: The proposed system had to accommodate a variety of pasta …Read More