1. Safe Surfing for the Big Waves… Mallard’s New Ultra-Grip Roller for Pallet Flow Rack

    Pallet surfing may sound like fun but in reality, it can be dangerous stuff. In the world of roller pallet flow rack systems, we work very hard to ensure that loaded pallets flow steady and controlled down the lane. Pallet surfing occurs when a pallet flows too fast, defects, tracks improperly down the lane and/or doesn’t come to a controlled and steady stop. In our experience plastic pallets ar…Read More

  2. “Bottom’s Up” – Defining the Most Critical Pallet Spec for Optimal Pallet Flow

    As we discussed in last week's blog, and several others before that, there are many variables to consider when designing your pallet flow rack system and probably the most critical element is your PALLET - the bottom of the pallet more specifically. It's why we always recommend testing your simulated pallet load in Mallard's testing lab.  In addition to pallet testing, there are further specs you…Read More