1. Pallet Flow Forklift Separator Ensures Food Manufacturer’s Certificate of Insurance

    This is one of those times when you think you’re at the finish line, but you hit a bit of a snag before you get across. Thankfully, all it took was some creative thinking and the Mallard forklift separator to bring it all home. Pallet Flow System Design A pallet flow system was designed for a specialty food products company to provide deep-lane pallet storage and support their FIFO (First-In/Fir…Read More

  2. Full Roller Pallet Flow Rack for Drum Container Storage

    Stop Beating the Drum… Just Let It Roll. It’s not uncommon for the Mallard Testing Lab to test a warehouse solution for pallets made of different materials like wood, plastic, or metal. However, we’ve never tested different drum materials in the same pallet flow lane, until now. Our customer specializing in raw materials uses metal, cardboard, and plastic drums of varying size and weights to…Read More

  3. Pallet Flow Rack Design – A Look at 2 vs. 3-Rail Systems | Mallard Best Practices

    The advantages of pallet flow rack center squarely on improving warehouse productivity. Pallet flow optimizes space and order-picking productivity in high-density storage, case and layer-pick operations, cold storage, manufacturing, assembly, and so many more applications. However, there is one scenario when pallet flow isn’t productive… and that is when it’s under-designed for the inventory…Read More

  4. Engineering Testing Lab Streamlines Requests | Mallard Value-Added

    Ensuring that the design of your pallet flow lane or carton flow system is optimally configured for your customer’s inventory and application needs is the purpose of the Mallard Engineering Testing Lab. We’re excited to share that we’ve streamlined our test request process while making it even more comprehensive. Bottom line – it’s now even easier for you to deliver the best-fit gravi…Read More

  5. 7 FAQ’s to Ask Before Applying the CP Pallet Flow Separator

    The ever-growing consumer appetite for “more” delivered faster and cheaper is putting a strain on order picking operations. Case picking and split-case picking are the means by which most customer demands are fulfilled, but these can also be expensive, labor intensive processes with some inherent difficulties. We can help eliminate case picking challenges with smart pre-planning and our unique…Read More

  6. Mallard Pallet Flow Rack is a “Big Advantage in the Field”

    Thanks for all the great feedback on our deep-lane pallet flow rail design and splicing kit! We’ve heard from so many material handling systems dealers, installers and warehouse managers about the ease of installation and economy of our deep lane pallet flow that we just had to share the good news. What is the benefit of the Mallard 20’ pallet flow rail lengths vs typical 10’ lengths? It is …Read More