1. 8 Questions to Ask BEFORE Buying Your Pallet Flow Rack System

    You need more pallet storage - that's the easy part, but which type of pallet rack system is right for your business, your available space, your application?  There are a lot of options - selective rack, push-back rack, drive-in… maybe automated storage or a pallet shuttle system.  The tough part is weeding through the available options to narrow in on the best solution for your business. Thes…Read More

  2. Mallard How To: Proper Loading & Unloading of Your Pallet Flow Rack System

    The New Year is the perfect time to check in with your warehouse team for a quick refresher course on the right way to load and unload your pallet flow rack system. Proper system interface ensures worker safety, better system performance, less equipment damage and enhanced productivity. The following guidelines and videos outline easy steps for pallet loading, unloading and clearing (plugging) a p…Read More

  3. FAQ Part 2 – How Deep Can I Build My Pallet Flow Rack?

    As promised, in a follow up to our blog on pallet flow height considerations, we’d like to offer some guidance to another popular question, “How deep can I build my pallet flow rack?”  Again, a seemingly simple question, but with an answer that is unique for each customer’s application.  For this blog, we will focus on the considerations that go into determining optimal pallet flow syste…Read More