1. Take the Detour & Blaze a New Trail – Mallard Gravity Flow Year in Review

    Does it feel like we all took a little detour this past year? As the Mallard team looks back, we see that despite the challenges, we have a lot to show for the past 12 months. New products and innovations, new tools to help our customers and lots of good advice and demonstrations. By setting our eyes on the task at hand, we blaze a new trail, and what better outlook to have as we head into a new y…Read More

  2. Happy Holidays from Mallard Manufacturing

    Looking for the silver lining… There are so many ways to look back at the year that has been 2020. We started the year with great hope and optimism and proceeded to face unexpected challenges all year through. However, we have been able to witness something quite extraordinary this past year and it has guided us from one month to the next, and through each challenge. It’s what we will call the…Read More

  3. Gravity Flow Solutions for Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

    The phrase “omnichannel fulfillment” has made its way into the material handling industry and down to our warehouse and distribution center floors over the past several years. This strategy of monitoring a customer order from intake through to delivery has resulted from the rise in e-commerce where customers are not only choosing smaller, more customized orders, but they are doing so from a pl…Read More

  4. Happy Thanksgiving from the Mallard Team

    As each year winds down, we reflect on the changes over the last three seasons and look with expectation to finishing the year strong so that we may begin the new year in a robust position. However, this was 2020. 2020 has become a noun, a verb, an exclamation, it is truly a year like no other. A year fraught with danger, fear, and emotion… yet one that showed strength, grit, and hope like we do…Read More

  5. A Well-Oiled Machine Takes a Dedicated Leader – Greet Roman Cantu in Mallard MeetUp

    In order for your operation to flow like a well-oiled machine, our operation has to first build those machines. Welcome back to Mallard MeetUp where we have the opportunity to profile the excellent team members that service customer needs and sell, design, build, and ship our gravity flow solutions. Roman Cantu is Team Leader for our wheeled pallet flow product assembly. Products like our signatur…Read More

  6. Pick-Reserve… What a Concept! Rolling Out an Efficient Solution

    Quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively filling orders are the primary goals of any distribution facility. One of the biggest challenges to ensuring success is constantly replenishing pick lanes. Thankfully, there is a gravity flow solution for that. Pallet flow and carton flow both offer a variety of benefits for orderly and efficient inventory picking including smooth inventory replenishment. …Read More

  7. Pallet Flow Test Fail? What Can Go Wrong and How to Make It Work

    It’s always important to test non-standard pallets before committing to a pallet flow lane configuration.  While the Mallard team has a large variety of products and features to apply to a pallet flow lane to ensure success, on rare occasions we come across pallets that present too many challenges to be able to recommend use in a pallet flow lane… at least without alteration. These oversized …Read More

  8. Buyer Beware – Comparing Mechanical vs Magnetic Pallet Flow Speed Controllers

    Pallet flow speed controllers ensure that pallets flow in a controlled manner and at a safe speed down a pallet flow lane. Mallard offers four types of pallet flow speed controllers to ensure that no matter what kind of gravity flow lane you’ve designed, your inventory and team can rely on safe, effective, controlled flow. Benefits of Mallard Pallet Flow Speed Controllers Variety - 5 different s…Read More

  9. Easy Does It, Pallet Flow Delivers the Solution Warehouse Managers Need

    Let’s face it, nothing about life right now is easy. There are challenges in our warehouse and distribution supply chain that need a quick response and dependable solutions. And, since we could all use some easy right now, the Mallard team is happy to deliver on it all. Have you heard of the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder”? That’s the pallet flow way. Pallet flow rack can function as: P…Read More

  10. Dynamic Duo Takes the Pressure Off Deep-Lane Pallet Flow

    Dual Pallet Separators Relieve Back Pressure in Deep-Lane Pallet Flow This dynamic duo, terrific tandem, perfect pressure-removers… ok, we may have run out of rhyming phrases to describe our dual pallet separators, but one look at our video shows why we’re so happy to share the benefits of this product pair with you. As you can see, dual pallet separators are important to deep-lane pallet flow…Read More