1. Will the Real GMA Pallet Please Stand Up?

    Get the Most from Your Pallet Flow by Using Quality GMA Pallets Quality counts. And it’s built into every aspect of Mallard pallet flow products; from our design, manufacturing and testing, to the selection of every track, wheel or roller used. But, just as critical to system performance is the quality of the pallet. As we say (daily)…  Good pallets = Good Pallet Flow. The success of your pal…Read More

  2. What Should You Do With Your Empty Pallet Flow Pallets?

    This is a really great question – especially for customers interested in pick modules or case-pick applications using pallet flow. Pallet flow/case-pick systems are ideal for operations requiring high SKU density combined with high throughput case selection.  Full pallets are loaded from one side of the aisle and flow to the opposite side where cases are picked to conveyor or pallet truck. But …Read More

  3. Maintenance Tips for Optimal Pallet Flow Performance

    Mallard pallet flow systems are engineered to perform and built to last in the toughest of warehouse environments.  But even the "hulk" of gravity flow storage requires routine maintenance and safety checks to ensure optimal system performance and worker safety.  Your pallet flow system should be inspected for structural forklift damage, pallet or product damage and system misuse on a regular ba…Read More

  4. Have a Difficult Pallet Flow Challenge?… Test It in Our Lab

    Awkward or over-sized, extra-heavy or just downright difficult loads – Bring them on!! There’s nothing our engineers like more than an interesting pallet flow challenge.  Let’s face it, it’s in their DNA.  And, it’s become Mallard’s modus operandi. Mastering the standard “stuff” is no less important, but the further-reaching, custom pallet flow project is a niche we’re all very…Read More

  5. A Simple Trick for Smooth-Flowing Pallet Flow Every Time

    Pallet hang-ups are a common yet easily avoidable problem for some pallet flow users. It happens when a rear pallet, typically deeper in the lane, either stops or won’t restart when the front pallet is extracted. Most hang-ups are caused by everyday warehouse conditions like weak/broken pallets, pallet loads that settle on tracks, temperature changes, etc.  Luckily we have an easy fix. In th…Read More

  6. 5 RFQ Essentials to Fast Track Your Pallet Flow Quote

    Time is scarce and timelines are tight.  This is certainly the case for facilities operators under considerable pressure to expedite their storage and material handling projects both quickly and efficiently.  Mallard customers are no exception – ideally, they’d like their pallet flow system quoted and in place as soon as possible to start maximizing space and improving product flow. We can h…Read More

  7. Check Out Our New Digs…

    Mallard is growing! We’ve tripled our pallet flow, carton flow and gravity flow business segments over the last 3 years thanks to the tremendous hard work of our design and sales teams and extended family of distributors. Great news, right?  We agree, but we also faced a big challenge; how to ensure that increased sales didn’t compromise our commitment to exceptional quality, service and deli…Read More