1. Case-Pick Productivity Boost with Pallet Flow -7 Flex Separator FAQs Answered

    There’s already enough pressure to meet customer demand in high-volume, case-picking operations… why contend with more? Mallard’s flex separator (FS 200) removes pressure, specifically back pressure in floor-mounted pallet flow applications designed for case picking. Less back pressure improves pick rates, worker safety and protects inventory and equipment. The flex separator is mounted in t…Read More

  2. Case-Pick Separators – Mallard Pallet Flow Separators Blog Series – Part One

    A high-density, case-pick application with pallet flow rack is an excellent solution for low SKU, high volume order fulfillment.  It allows for case selection from the front pallet position with dense reserve storage directly behind the pick line within the pallet flow lane.  However, one of the more challenging parts of a picking operation is the streamlined and safe removal of the front pallet…Read More

  3. Introducing Mallard’s NEW Pallet Flow Separator Brochure… & Web Resources

      Streamlined and efficient; that’s how you like your warehouse operations and that’s how we like our communications to you, our customers. On that note, we’re excited to tell you about our new brochure focusing on an important pallet flow rack product category… Pallet Flow Separators. Pallet separators play a crucial role in gravity flow systems. Simply put, pallet flow lanes accommodate…Read More