1. Choosing Drop-In or Indirect-Mount Speed Controllers for Pallet Flow

    Speed controllers are used in pallet flow rack to control both the speed and tracking of the pallet as it flows down the lane. Because pallet flow rack is a gravity flow solution where pallets are loaded from a charge aisle and flow on a slightly pitched wheeled or roller lane to a discharge (pick) aisle, the flow speed and tracking of the pallets must be controlled. The lane is design is based up…Read More

  2. Bet You Haven’t Seen Pallet Flow Like This Before?

    How some creative pallet flow engineering found a way… when there really wasn’t a way! Buying in bulk will certainly save you money, but what if you just don’t have the warehousing space to store a 4-6 month supply of product?  Recently a customer presented us with this interesting challenge – bulk purchasing by container load two or three times a year really worked for them financially, …Read More

  3. Controlled and Steady Wins the Pallet Flow Race

    Harnessing the power and simplicity of gravity makes pallet flow racking a unique material handling solution.  But… working with gravity AND heavy pallet forces within pallet flow rack requires expert design and engineering for safe, effective operation. To that end, we’d like to reintroduce our expanded line of pallet flow speed controllers. Mallard's extensive variety of custom speed contro…Read More