1. It’s OK to be a Lightweight – Durable & Efficient Pallet Flow Rack for Manufacturing & Assembly

    We often test the effectiveness of pallet flow rack for warehouse storage and distribution functions. Many of those test results are detailed in our regular blog series, but less often do we discuss the benefits for manufacturing and assembly operations. However, when these giant foam blocks arrived at our in-house Engineering and Testing Lab, we knew we needed to share this application. While the…Read More

  2. From Destinations Near and Far – Let’s MeetUp with John Fiori

    The job of a National Accounts Manager for Mallard Manufacturing covers a lot of ground… both figuratively and literally. John joined the Mallard team in 2014. He’s an industry veteran with extensive material handling equipment, systems and inventory processing know-how. Take a minute to catch up with John Fiori. A Typical Day at Mallard My day normally starts checking emails. Quote request ar…Read More

  3. Planning for Bottle Pick Rack Made Easy with New Spec Sheet

    Mallard’s Bottle Pick Rack improves picking efficiencies for each picks and case-building in wine & spirits order fulfillment. As opposed to storing slower moving SKUs and each picks on static rack, bottle pick rack condenses inventory and provides an orderly gravity flow solution that improves pick rates and accuracy. Bottle pick is easy to install by simply securing the individual flow lan…Read More

  4. What (or Should We Say “Who”) Do We See in Our 2018 Look Back?

    As the year draws to an end, Mallard is not the only business looking back at the year’s progress and accomplishments, but what we see most clearly in this reflection is…. our customers. This is because most of Mallard’s 2018 advances came to us thanks to customers who brought us a warehouse challenge to solve or sought a tool to make their job easier and facility more productive. Take a loo…Read More