1. Reaching New Limits with Mallard Deep-Lane Push-Back Flow Rack

    Our latest 3D animated video goes far to tell the story of push-back flow rack for Last In/First Out (LIFO) inventory storage. As you can see, push-back flow rack delivers a high-density, dynamic storage solution in a condensed footprint like traditional push-back rack, but our flow system rack has several advantages. Mallard push-back flow rack takes advantage of the heavy-duty nature of flow rac…Read More

  2. Happy Labor Day from Mallard Manufacturing

    "The only place success comes before work is the dictionary.” ~Vince Lombardi Working hard may be the name of the game for most days, but for this special holiday we get to trade-in our power tools for our grilling tools. Thank you to simply the best industry partners and customers that regularly allow us to stretch our creative muscle to find solutions that work for you. The work you encourage…Read More

  3. Pallet Flow Separator Facilitates Efficient Pallet Loading

    Meet the Multitasking EPR-700 The Mallard EPR-700 Empty Pallet Return Separator is used to hold back empty pallets until 5-6 are accumulated into a stack, then the stack is released to flow down to an opposite aisle for unloading. It’s a handy device for product picked from pallets so that the pallets themselves are safely and minimally handled as well as quickly returned for send-out or repleni…Read More

  4. Power Up the Pallet Flow Rack… Spring is Coming!

    Much of the country is currently blanketed in extreme cold, so many of us are left dreaming of spring and the chance to fire-up those power tools to do some outdoor yard and garden projects. To ensure you have just the tools you need once the deep freeze is over, Mallard recently tested out a pallet flow racking solution for a major power tool manufacturer. Thankfully our engineering testing lab w…Read More

  5. Flow-Charts Meet Gravity Flow at the IFDA Expo

    Mallard Exhibits Foodservice Solutions to Meet Demanding Throughput Goals There will be a lot to see and do at the IFDA Solutions Conference and Expo next week but we promise there is one place where the ideas will be flowing and that is at Booth #257. The Mallard Manufacturing team will be on-hand to demonstrate the many gravity flow solutions specific to the needs of the foodservice distribution…Read More

  6. Mallard’s Pallet Flow Toolkit Just Got Bigger… with Custom Pallet Rack Connections

    Question:  What's almost as critical to the performance of your pallet flow rack system as Mallard's custom-designed, skillfully manufactured tracks and wheels? Answer:  You guessed it – expertly planned, accurately installed pallet rack integration. Achieving proper pallet rack integration is easy when you begin with Mallard’s custom designed line of pallet rack connections.   To help you…Read More

  7. Don’t Chance it… Test It!

    We Make Sure Your Pallets Flow Careful product testing and analysis have become the Mallard hallmark, bringing peace of mind to our customers and validation to our design team that your Mallard pallet flow system will get the job done. Many factors affect the reliability of a pallet flow system, including pallet type and quality, product load, weight and load distribution.  We recreate your opera…Read More

  8. Our Pallet Rack Solutions Can Double Your Current Storage Capacity

    Every warehouse eventually faces the enormous problem of running out of room. Warehouse space is expensive, and making sure you are using every foot of it in the best way possible is vital to your bottom line. If you're started to feel cramped in your current space and can't or don't want to move, Mallard Manufacturing can help! Our pallet rack solutions can save you time, energy, money, and gain …Read More