1. 7 FAQs –Building a Rainbow with Pallet Flow Layer Pick Separator

    Considering a layer pick application for your high-volume, high-SKU order fulfillment?... Good Pick! Layer picking is a highly productive, cost-effective solution for beverage, wine & spirits, grocery, or retail applications requiring multiple or mixed SKU pallet shipments. Each layer of cases on the pallet is comprised of a different SKU, creating a multi-layered “rainbow” pallet. The fun…Read More

  2. Mallard’s “How It Works” Examines Pneumatic Pop-Up Device Operation

    Mallard’s pneumatic pop-up device can be installed in a pallet flow lane to improve pick rates, operational flow and warehouse safety. The two most common applications for the pneumatic pop-up pallet separator device are: Install in a pallet flow lane with an Ergo Cell Lift Table at the pick aisle Install within a standard pallet flow lane to serve as a pallet separator that will not require a f…Read More

  3. Planning Your Pallet Flow Rack for AGV Integration

    As warehouse operations turn more and more to technology to solve challenges, the Mallard team is here to provide guidance for integrating automation with gravity flow solutions. A recent example comes from our own Director of Business Development, Scott Liechty, in a recent case study titled “Automated Distribution Operations” that identifies some of the nuances of integrating AGV (automated …Read More

  4. A 3D-Look Inside Mallard Case-Pick Pallet Flow Systems

    We’re excited to showcase our latest 3D application animation featuring split-roller pallet flow with our popular case-pick separator.  Case fulfillment from pallet flow, either in stand-alone systems or pick modules, is ideal for high volume, low SKU picking operations. The case-pick separators are designed to work specifically in this type of system to allow for case selection from the front …Read More

  5. 10 Questions to Ask When Evaluating the Need for Pallet Separators

    Pallet flow racking is a popular high-density warehouse storage solution that maximizes capacity and throughput.  However, the fact that gravity is the main “driver” of the system the challenge of pallet flow is to make sure that the front pallet position is not just always filled but also that it can be safely picked.  Pitch, lane configuration and wheel/roller assembly are essential design…Read More

  6. Instantly Get Rid of Hundreds of Pounds… from Your Pallet Flow Lane

    Weigh Less, Move Better! This may be a tagline for the latest diet craze… but what if we told you that by implementing this concept in your warehousing fulfillment operations you can increase pick rates and ensure worker safety? No, it’s not the latest HR Plan (it’s actually much easier to implement) and it’s much easier to stick to than a diet.  We are talking about pallet flow rack sepa…Read More

  7. Take the Pressure Off Your Layer Picking Process with Mallard’s Layer Pick Separator

    Pallet Flow Separator Blog Series Part 4 Layer picking is the retrieval of a full layer of cartons from a pallet in a single pick.  It allows warehousing operations to maintain lower cost of goods pricing to their customers and still quickly and effectively supply product.  An inherent difficulty in a traditional gravity-fed layer picking set up however is the force or pressure that is placed u…Read More

  8. Mallard Forklift Pallet Flow Separator Relieves Pressure & Enhances Safety

    Pallet Flow Separator Blog Series Part 3 Pallet flow racking is all about maximizing the workflow and keeping picking positions stocked.  Any of the Mallard pallet flow lane configurations will accomplish those tasks, but we go one step further to ensure the safety of your warehouse personnel, equipment and valuable product. Our complete line of pallet separators works in conjunction with our pal…Read More