1. When Wrong-Way Pallet Orientation is the Right Solution

    Pallet orientation is a critical part of pallet flow rack lane design. When we refer to orientation, we are defining the positioning of the pallet stringers (a.k.a. runners) to the direction of flow. Pallets can be positioned for the stringers to flow perpendicular or parallel to the direction of flow. When the stringers run parallel to the direction of flow, that is oriented the “easy” way or…Read More

  2. What Do You Call Pallet Flow for LIFO Inventory? Answer: Push-Back Flow Rack

    Just because you have Last-In/First-Out inventory needs doesn’t prohibit you from the advantages of a gravity flow rack system. Push-back on pallet flow rails is highly efficient and offers benefits that a traditional push-back system can’t. Push-back on flow rack can go deep lane, upwards of 12 or more pallets deep, while still being low profile. Also, it’s not limited to standard pallet si…Read More

  3. Non-Standard Pallets & Pallet Flow – Making Pallet Alternatives Work | Mallard Best Practices

    As businesses search for eco-friendly, cost-effective ways to manufacture and deliver their products, each element of the inventory process is under scrutiny. As a result, our gravity flow rack testing facility has seen an uptick in activity due to the creative pallet choices and materials customers are exploring. As we test different pallet types in our pallet flow lanes, we find workable solutio…Read More

  4. Before & After – Pallet Flow Rack Delivers a Tall Order for an Auto Parts Manufacturer

    When an auto parts interiors manufacturer found themselves low on space and in need of a make-sense solution to meet growing demand and increasing SKUs, pallet flow rack rolled in to stack up the savings. As you can see from the Before image above, the original plan centered around floor stacking oversized pallets filled with raw materials. As inventory expanded, so did the time it took for worker…Read More

  5. Ergo Cell Pneumatic Separator – Multi-Purpose, Multi-Function Pallet Flow

    Take a new look at the Ergo Cell pneumatic pallet separator. As distribution centers shift to handle the uptick in smaller order fulfillment more efficiently and cost-effectively, the Ergo Cell has risen as a very helpful, multi-functional solution. What the Ergo Cell equipped pallet flow lane does is hold pallets in place until they are ready to be released to flow down the lane. The pneumatic po…Read More

  6. Everything About the Pallet for Designing Pallet Flow | Mallard Best Practices

    Making Sense of the Many Shapes, Styles, and Sizes of Pallets Typically, pallet flow rack is designed to flow palletized inventory. Yes, there are times when pallet flow is used for non-palletized inventory, but the vast majority of systems are used with pallets. To that end, pallets become critical in the design specs for the pallet flow lane configuration. Mallard Best Practices is back with a c…Read More

  7. New & Updated Forklift Separators for Deep Lane, Multi-Level Pallet Flow

    Forklift Operators are in the Driver’s Seat for this Pallet Flow Innovation Sustainability isn’t just a “nice to have” for many businesses, it’s imperative throughout their operation and supply chain. So it’s no surprise that many companies are transitioning to reusable, durable plastic pallets for transport and storage of goods. This is one of the main drivers for the update of the Ma…Read More

  8. Full-Roller vs Split-Roller Pallet Flow Rack? | Mallard Best Practices

    Mallard Best Practices blogs are an opportunity for our team to address frequently asked customer questions regarding our various gravity flow products. Here’s one that comes up often… “When should I choose split-roller vs. full-roller pallet flow rack? While there is not an absolute answer to this question, there are guidelines that we can share to help you make the right choice. To start, …Read More

  9. Split-Roller Pallet Flow Puts the Brakes on Large Industrial Containers

    As a manufacturing business, we can easily see why this global engineering and steel company might use a container like this in their production facility. And, as gravity flow specialists, it’s completely understandable that we can design a pallet flow solution for these hefty vessels... So, that’s just what we did. Containing the Challenges These unique metal containers are well-constructed a…Read More

  10. Pallets are Flipping for this Creative Pallet Flow Rack Solution

    Pallet flow rack is a great time saver in industrial settings whether storage & distribution or manufacturing. Often we think of it for large stocks of palletized inventory, but more often than you may think pallet flow rack is a go-to source for manufacturing and assembly, even when stock items are relatively lightweight and small. It’s the simple, compelling features of flow rack that suit…Read More