1. It’s a Smooth Ride for Raw Materials Assembly on Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow

    Raw materials for manufacturing and assembly lines are always at the ready in a pallet flow rack system. Simple to operate and congestion-free load and pick means ready-reserve inventory can be kept stocked to keep operations moving. When your operation requires custom-configured pallets, it’s particularly important to let us test the pallet flow lane configuration to confirm it will most effect…Read More

  2. A Little Push Rolls Out Productivity with Push-Back Pallet Flow

    Tight on space and need efficient pallet storage? How about push-back pallet flow? Push-back pallet flow is loaded and picked from a single aisle saving valuable warehouse space while still providing beneficial reserve storage and automatically replenished pick face. How do we do it? Well, a recent test video from the Mallard in-house Engineering Testing Lab is a great way to show how to design a …Read More

  3. Taking the Guess Work Out of Pallet Flow & Carton Flow Installation

    At Mallard, we strive to provide the best gravity flow products tailored to specific customer needs. However, if that pallet flow rack or carton flow racking is not adequately installed, customers may see less than stellar results. To ensure that your system flows to your highest expectation, we have a series of resources offered through our website that answer basic questions, reduce installation…Read More

  4. No Matter How You Stack It, Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow Performs

    Single stack or double stacked whichever works better for your inventory and processing, Magnum wheel pallet flow delivers. Take a look at a recent test of palletized, plastic wrapped, boxed inventory in a wide-range of pallet weights (300-1100 lb.) and heights (38” – 116”) to see how to configure a single pallet flow lane to handle a complex range of inventory SKUs. Test Parameters Flow lan…Read More