1. Carton Flow Design & Pallet Rack Integration | Mallard Best Practices

    Optimizing Carton Flow Applications Through Proper Planning & Execution Carton flow is a warehousing tool frequently used to improve order picking rates, picking accuracy, reduce both foot and equipment traffic, and more effectively utilize rack and warehousing space. Most carton flow is mounted into pallet rack, but it can be designed to as a standalone system or even a wheeled mobile cart……Read More

  2. Properly Planning Pallet Flow for the Pick Module

    Thanks for dropping in to the Mallard “all things gravity flow” blog series. Consider this a public service announcement-type of topic that will hopefully save customers from an expensive warehousing design mistake... let’s talk about properly designing pallet flow rack for a pick module. Pallet flow is an excellent choice for pick modules. It is an efficient, time-saving tool useful for cas…Read More

  3. A Unique Carton Flow Twist Using Dyna-Flo in “Reverse”

    They say, “You learn something new every day.”  You’ve probably heard it a hundred times before, maybe more, but isn’t it true?  Even for those of us on the job a very long time. It’s certainly the case for the Mallard team; we get the opportunity to learn something new with each customer and every project we have the privilege of working on. And we hope our customers learn a few thin…Read More

  4. How E-Commerce DCs Can Boost Picks & Productivity with Carton Flow

    Don’t expect the E-Commerce boom to fade any time soon. Consumers love the instant point-and-click gratification of an online purchase; all from the comfort of their living room couch or on the fly from their mobile devices. Amazon, Zappos, Best Buy and even Home Depot are driving the explosion of new categories each year. With a myriad of choice and quick delivery, U.S. E-Retail sales will grow…Read More