1. Think Smart. Harness the Power of Gravity with Flow Systems from Mallard Manufacturing

    Come see us at MODEX 2020 Booth #4806 The smartest thinking involves effectively using your resources to obtain the result you desire… what’s smarter than harnessing the power of gravity? For 60 years the Smart Thinking Mallard Manufacturing team has been engineering efficient and effective material handling solutions by capturing the forces of gravity and putting them to work for our customer…Read More

  2. Spring into Efficiency with Cart-Trak Carton Flow Rack

    I scream, you scream… are you wondering what all the screaming is about? It’s officially spring and that means that warehouses across the country are gearing up and reconfiguring to meet the demand for those warm weather foods. Mallard’s Cart-Trak carton flow rack is an easy to install, versatile and dependable warehousing solution that keeps SKUs moving while improving order picking accurac…Read More

  3. Counting Down the Days to RILA 2018 Retail Supply Chain Conference

    The Mallard team is hitting the road for the first industry show of 2018 – The RILA Supply Chain Conference in Phoenix, AZ. We’ll be in Booth #844 showcasing carton flow and pallet flow solutions that delivery space-saving, cost-effective storage efficiency to retail distribution. Industry shows, like RILA, give us the chance to speak with supply chain professionals and to hear the challenges …Read More

  4. 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Carton Flow Rack

    Carton flow rack is at both simple and complex. Yes, it’s gravity-fed roller or wheeled tracks but just as there are many sizes and shapes of cartons, cases and totes there are different carton flow designs and configurations to best accommodate all your packaging needs. So, we are here to help you find just the right carton flow solution for your inventory needs, and the best way to do that is …Read More

  5. Flow-Charts Meet Gravity Flow at the IFDA Expo

    Mallard Exhibits Foodservice Solutions to Meet Demanding Throughput Goals There will be a lot to see and do at the IFDA Solutions Conference and Expo next week but we promise there is one place where the ideas will be flowing and that is at Booth #257. The Mallard Manufacturing team will be on-hand to demonstrate the many gravity flow solutions specific to the needs of the foodservice distribution…Read More

  6. Lightweight Cartons Sail Down Cart-Trak Lanes in Mallard’s Testing Lab

    The Mallard carton flow racking product line is fairly extensive.  There are six major types of carton flow rack and variations within… which can sometimes make choosing the right system a bit of a process.  Our engineers and system designers are of course experienced enough to help guide our customers but sometimes it still comes down to the testing lab to find just the fit.  As was the case…Read More

  7. Carton Flow Rack Plays a Major Role in Finished Goods Packing Operation

    People come in all shapes and sizes… and so do boxes!  An e-commerce apparel customer recently asked for a solution to make their finished goods packing station more efficient with the understanding that the solution would have to accommodate several different box options for the pickers.  So we rolled out the carton flow racking. What carton flow rack can do for this customer is to provide si…Read More

  8. New Empty Pallet Return: Twice the Benefit… Same Small Space

    Double-Sided Vertical Design Saves Space & Keeps Orders Moving Our newly designed empty pallet return system allows for twice the capacity of traditional pallet return lanes without taking up twice the space.  Our double-sided design securely transports empty pallets from the pick-face back to the load side for faster lane clearing and replenishment.  The vertical design allows for twice the…Read More

  9. Pallet Flow & Carton Flow Rack for Smooth Retail Fulfillment

    Gravity Flow Products Help Meet Demand for Goods These days retail survival is linked to these three words… FAST, AFFORDABLE and ACCURATE.  So, while retailers promise to fulfill customer demand, inventory control and warehousing management are left to simply make it happen. As our retail fulfillment customers attest, pallet flow rack and carton flow systems are effective, flexible storage and …Read More

  10. Moove It! How Gravity Flow Improves Storage Productivity for Dairy Distributors

    Dairy is a unique material handling category with its own set of rules.  Product is date-sensitive, must be climate controlled, must meet strict sanitation guidelines, and most significantly for our industry, it is ever-expanding.  Gone are the days when fluid milk was simply processed and shipped.  Today milk is whole, 2%, 1%, skim and either cow, almond, organic, soy, lactose-free, and even c…Read More