1. How to Build a Pallet Flow Lane for Plastic Pod Pallets | Mallard How-To

    Plastic pallets provide a hygienic, non-splintering, lightweight alternative to standard wooden pallets. While the benefit of the pallet being free from protruding nails and loose boards is always a plus in a pallet flow rack system, it can be a challenge to design around the plastic pallet shape. The Mallard team recommends always allowing us to test sample pallet loads in our in-house testing fa…Read More

  2. Full Roller Pallet Flow Stacks Up for Eco-Friendly Solution

    There are a lot of reasons why suppliers choose plastic pallets. Among the attributes, they are recyclable, lighter weight than wood, washdown & food compliant, don’t splinter, and there are no nails. They are a great resource and our Engineering Testing Lab sees them regularly to test in new pallet flow system designs. Testing is important with plastic pallets because there are so many pall…Read More

  3. Customer Requested… Mallard Delivered and Then Some!

    2.5” Diameter Pallet Flow Handles Heavy-Weight Plastic Pallets The customer is always right, but we also know a thing or two. So, when we were asked to provide a 2.5” full roller pallet flow option to our pallet flow rack product line we were happy to oblige. However, we also felt the need to see if there was any way to improve upon a standard 2.5” roller pallet flow lane… here’s where t…Read More