1. Safe Surfing for the Big Waves… Mallard’s New Ultra-Grip Roller for Pallet Flow Rack

    Pallet surfing may sound like fun but in reality, it can be dangerous stuff. In the world of roller pallet flow rack systems, we work very hard to ensure that loaded pallets flow steady and controlled down the lane. Pallet surfing occurs when a pallet flows too fast, defects, tracks improperly down the lane and/or doesn’t come to a controlled and steady stop. In our experience plastic pallets ar…Read More

  2. Full Roller Pallet Flow Drives Home Solution for Plastic Pallets

    Plastic pallets come in all shapes and sizes. They’re heavy-duty or flimsy, flat-bottomed or footed, and even collapsible… and those are just the pallets in our recent pallet flow test! That’s right, 5 very different plastic pallets and load sizes that needed to find a single gravity flow solution for a precision parts manufacturing operation. Full roller pallet flow to the rescue! Why full …Read More

  3. Scientific Method on Display in Testing Lab Pallet Flow Test

    Testing lightweight plastic pallets with various load weights You remember learning in grade school about the importance of observing, measuring and experimenting in order to form an educated opinion or solution right? Well thankfully the Mallard Testing Lab engineers certainly do and they regularly use this process while solving client pallet flow product challenges.  One of the most often aske…Read More

  4. Testing Plastic Pallets Leads to Custom Pallet Flow Rack Solution for Online Retailer

    Mallard pallet flow racking systems have seen it all - metal pallets, IBC containers, wooden and plastic pallets of course, and even cardboard.  Our in-house engineering testing lab is where we test all different pallet options to simulate applications before purchase and to help design solutions to existing pallet flow challenges for our customers.  A recent test for an online retailer gave us …Read More