1. Pallet Flow Test Fail? What Can Go Wrong and How to Make It Work

    It’s always important to test non-standard pallets before committing to a pallet flow lane configuration.  While the Mallard team has a large variety of products and features to apply to a pallet flow lane to ensure success, on rare occasions we come across pallets that present too many challenges to be able to recommend use in a pallet flow lane… at least without alteration. These oversized …Read More

  2. Scientific Method on Display in Testing Lab Pallet Flow Test

    Testing lightweight plastic pallets with various load weights You remember learning in grade school about the importance of observing, measuring and experimenting in order to form an educated opinion or solution right? Well thankfully the Mallard Testing Lab engineers certainly do and they regularly use this process while solving client pallet flow product challenges.  One of the most often aske…Read More