1. Lots of SKUs? Do You Choose Pallet Flow… or Pallet Flow?

    Large to small, heavy to lightweight, fast mover to steady… sometimes there’s little in-common when it comes to inventory specs from one SKU to another but that doesn’t stop pallet flow from providing several good options for efficient storage and distribution for the whole group. Recently we developed two pallet flow tests to help a customer that manufactures household and commercial cleani…Read More

  2. Premium Pasta Producer Doubles Up Pallet Flow Rack Tests with Impressive Results

    Push-back pallet flow vs traditional pallet flow rack, what did we find? Can you say this three times fast:  Premium pasta producer needs pallet flow product?  Ok we’re having a little fun, but we’re not making light of the fact that our engineering testing lab came through in a big way for this leading food processor. The Challenge: The proposed system had to accommodate a variety of pasta …Read More

  3. Pallet Flow Test Proves Push-Back for Produce Delivers the Freshest Pick

    Push-back for Produce might be a solid slogan in this busy campaign season… then again maybe we don’t want to go there.  Instead what we do want is to show our customers a recent Mallard Engineering Test Lab test video that helped one of our fresh produce suppliers simplify and create efficiencies in their distribution center with push-back pallet flow. Growing fresh produce is only half the …Read More