1. How to Build a Pallet Flow Lane for Plastic Pod Pallets | Mallard How-To

    Plastic pallets provide a hygienic, non-splintering, lightweight alternative to standard wooden pallets. While the benefit of the pallet being free from protruding nails and loose boards is always a plus in a pallet flow rack system, it can be a challenge to design around the plastic pallet shape. The Mallard team recommends always allowing us to test sample pallet loads in our in-house testing fa…Read More

  2. Split-Roller Pallet Flow – When & Why Speed Controllers Make Sense

    Pallet flow speed controllers function exactly as the name suggests, they control the speed and tracking of the pallet as it flows down the lane. Speed controllers are recommended in a number of pallet flow lane configurations to ensure system effectiveness and safety. Deep-lane systems, heavy or bulky pallet loads, and non-standard pallets that inconsistently connect with the wheels or rollers ar…Read More

  3. Reduce Warehouse Traffic & Improve Order Processing with Floor-Mounted Pallet Flow

    Mount Your Best Offense Against Warehouse Congestion and Rising Costs with Floor-Mounted Pallet Flow Everyone needs an advantage in this era of fast, faster, fastest inventory processing, and order fulfillment. Floor-mounted pallet flow provides several options to configure the most productive workspace and to get… and keep your team moving to meet demand. Uses for Floor-Mounted Pallet Flow Stag…Read More

  4. Split-Roller Pallet Flow Puts the Brakes on Large Industrial Containers

    As a manufacturing business, we can easily see why this global engineering and steel company might use a container like this in their production facility. And, as gravity flow specialists, it’s completely understandable that we can design a pallet flow solution for these hefty vessels... So, that’s just what we did. Containing the Challenges These unique metal containers are well-constructed a…Read More

  5. When to Set Pallet Flow Rollers High vs. Low | Mallard Best Practices

    Mallard full and split-roller pallet flow systems are built to endure rigorous, daily use in busy warehouse and fulfillment operations. Properly configuring your system to go the distance, though, has everything to do with your specific inventory and pallet type. Related to that and an important part of the overall system configuration is how the rollers are mounted to the flow rails. Because this…Read More

  6. No Waffling Over this Pallet Flow System Design

    Waffles are great! They’re sturdy yet lightweight, versatile, allow for easy washdown and they don’t splinter, which is a big plus. Correct, we’re not talking about breakfast food. Instead we have a cool pallet flow project that improves safety and efficiency on a busy manufacturing line and, of course it’s loaded with fat-free details. Meeting Manufacturing Needs The pallet flow racking s…Read More

  7. Unconventional Design Unites Full & Split Roller Pallet Flow in Single Lane

    Super sacks on pallet flow rack is nothing new in the Mallard engineering testing lab. In fact, in the past we’ve successfully used full roller, split roller and our Magnum wheeled pallet flow lanes to accommodate super sacks, but we’ve never combined two pallet flow styles in one lane… until now. This is one unique pallet flow design, and for good reason. Here’s the story: Pallet Flow Lan…Read More

  8. Spit-Roller Pallet Flow Rack… a Perfect Match for the Gang of Eight

    When you hear the word powder you don’t usually think, “Wow, heavy stuff,” but for one customer that’s exactly what it is and why warehousing storage and retrieval is a challenge.  A global atomized metal powder manufacturer was looking for a solution to warehouse their product… we could see pallet flow rack in their future but our first stop was the Mallard Engineering Testing Lab to c…Read More

  9. Plastic Totes Get a Consistent Ride on Split Roller Pallet Flow Rack

    A manufacturer that designs extremely precise automobile parts and accessories deserves a well thought out and equally detailed pallet flow rack solution to quickly and efficiently move their important products… thankfully the Mallard Engineering Testing Lab never disappoints. Mallard’s Full and Split Roller pallet flow rack design is an accommodating pallet flow system, ideal for varying pall…Read More

  10. Finally a Better Way to Manage Extra-Long, Over-Sized Items

    Building materials, construction and home improvement products –all known for their extra-long, over-sized and awkward stature – have long been a warehouse management and storage nightmare. Lumber, molding, vinyl siding, floor to ceiling tiles and garage doors just aren’t suitable for traditional storage mediums and are typically left for bulk stacking or, in some cases, cantilever rack… N…Read More