Mallard Tire Flow Storage Solution

Tire staging just got faster and more efficient for a major auto manufacturer, thanks to a new gravity flow engineered application from Mallard: steel skate wheel tire flow. The 3D animated video above demonstrates how the Mallard tire flow system operates. It is designed using custom mounted, steel skate wheel rails, that are precisely angled to cradle tire bundles. The snug fit provides a smooth, consistent, and fast flow from processing or storage areas. Tires are then easily maneuvered to pick or assembly stations.

Here’s the breakdown of the in-house engineering tire flow test that was done for our customer:

Test ParametersTire Flow Storage Solution Mallard Manufacturing Customer Test

  • Steel Skate Wheel 1.9” diameter
  • 4 and 5-piece tire bundles
  • FIFO flow lane configuration
  • 27’ long flow lane
  • ¾” per foot incline
  • 70 – 100 lbs. per bundle

Tires bundled into groups of 4 or 5 provide stability while in the flow lane and hasten the loading and unloading vs single tires. The bundled tires are so secure in the tire flow lane, that they progress without any hang ups… even when the testing lab engineers stop them mid-lane, the tires restart with no trouble.

The rails are recess mounted so that the front beam acts as a ramp stop, further securing the tires in the flow lane until they’re purposely removed. This customer plans on loading the tires using a standard forklift with a carpet pole attachment. They will be unloaded using a crane which will deliver the bundles to their assembly stations. Both methods should work seamlessly for this tire flow application; therefore, your best solution will depend upon your warehousing equipment.

Tire Flow Storage Advantages

  • Integrates with automated systems
  • Dynamic FIFO tire storage
  • Bundled tires vs singles for faster throughput
  • Unique SKU per lane for 100% selectivity
  • Ideal for assembly/production staging
  • Applications
    • Auto assembly plants
    • Tire manufacturing
    • Tire distribution

Each application is customized for the tire specifications, so we recommend testing your tire flow set up in our in-house testing lab prior to ordering. If you’d like to set up an appointment to check out our tire flow lanes, contact a Mallard gravity flow specialist today!

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