Streamlined, Dynamic Tire Storage for Warehouse & Production

The rubber may meet the road once the automobile rolls off the assembly line, but where the rubber meets the steel is the secret that can make that assembly line more efficient. Mallard’s custom designed steel skate wheel flow system for tires…Tire Flow… is another unique gravity flow application from the gravity flow specialists. Our rugged steel skate wheel flow rails are custom mounted on an angle to cradle tire bundles and flow them from storage to assembly or order picking in a smooth, fast, easy manner.

Tire flow supports a first-in/first-out (FIFO) inventory rotation with the capability of storing a unique SKU in each lane for 100% selectivity and simplified, accurate picking. Tire flow is an ideal solution to reduce warehouse traffic and increase assembly and picking efficiencies.

Tire flow can be integrated with automated systems, a popular application in larger production operations – Standard forklifts equipped with carpet poles can load or unload the tire bundles. Pick aisle positioned cranes can also be used to retrieve the tire bundles and deliver them to assembly stations. Check out our tire flow test below.


  • Dynamic FIFO tire storage
  • Bundled tires vs singles for faster throughput
  • Unique SKU per lane for 100% selectivity
  • Ideal for assembly/production staging
  • Applications
    • Auto assembly plants
    • Tire manufacturing
    • Tire distribution


  • 2-rail, angle mounted steel skate wheel
  • Load/unload with standard forklift with carpet pole attachment
  • Optional unload with automated crane system
  • Custom mounting allows front beam to act as ramp stop to secure tires in lane
  • Rails are custom mounted to accommodate variety of tire sizes