Mallard’s varying width carton flow systems make accommodating a wide range of cartons and frequent SKU and packaging changes easier and less disruptive to your picking operation.  For a closer look at the ease and flexibility of our Dyna-Flo carton flow racking, check out our short video animation – Dyna-Flo HD in action with a variety of carton shapes and a product mix change-up in there too.

  • Easily drops into existing pallet rack
  • Full wheel bed accommodates cartons of all sizes and shapes
  • Durable wheel and axle assembly
  • Simple, easy product reprofiling
  • Consolidates and increases pick slot

All Mallard carton flow products are manufactured to the highest standards to meet the demands of the busiest warehouse environments.  Our gravity flow experts are available to guide you in the selection of the best carton flow application for your unique product storage and fulfillment challenges.