Boost Productivity with Flexible, Portable Carton Flow Work Cells

Dyna-Flo Mobile Cart

A company’s ability to respond quickly to production shifts and assembly change-overs has a direct impact on production output and ROI.  We have a cost-effective solution for handling these process shifts – Mallard’s new Carton Flow Work Cells – mobile, ergonomic work stations designed with flexibility for easy SKU or shelf changes.  Work cells can be moved where and when they’re needed for organized FIFO parts storage and assembly set-up; ideal for short run manufacturing, light assembly, automotive and small parts packaging.

Why Use Mallard Carton Flow Work Cells?

  • Increased Productivity –  Work cell staging provides quick assembly change-overs
  • Greater Flexibility – Units are easily reconfigured for SKU and line changes
  • Better organization – Keeps inventory of parts organized with FIFO stock rotation
  • More ergonomic – vs. shelf or pallet storage; easy access to parts from carton flow and tilt tray

Mallard Dyna-Flo, Dyna-Flo (HD) and Cart-Trak carton flow tracks can be integrated in the work cell; selection depends on carton specifications. Shelves have infinite vertical adjustiblity to accommodate frequent SKU changes.

More Carton Flow Work Cell Photos

Work Cell Specs:

  • Widths –   32″, 48″ and 60” clear
  • Depths –   24″, 42″ and 60″
  • Height – 84” posts/standard
  • Finish – blue standard, contact us re. add’l colors


More Carton Flow Work Cell Illustrations