We’ve talked a lot about different types of Mallard carton flow systems and how to apply the various types for your specific application; Dyna-Flo dense wheel bed carton flow for varying carton sizes, and Cart-Trak full roller carton flow for consistent size cases, for example.  We’ve also mentioned (in just about every blog or product page), that Mallard carton flow can be used in stand-alone units or easily retrofitted to either new or used structural or roll-formed racking.  But unless you’ve talked directly to our sales team or checked out our 6-page brochure, you may have missed an important detail…

Carton Flow Bracket SnipHow to Mount Carton Flow Tracks to Pallet Rack

The graphic to the right shows a few of our flexible, easy-to-install carton flow mounting brackets designed for both structural and roll-formed racking. You can use this as a general guide for selecting the right bracket type or send us a photo of the pallet rack beam to confirm your selection.  We can also send you a free carton flow test level. This will give you the opportunity to evaluate Mallard carton flow, equipped with mounting brackets, to guarantee that it’s the best fit for your storage system.

Design Considerations

  • Refer to beam detail drawing for new rack systems
  • Measure beam specs or provide a beam photo for existing systems
  • Evaluate rack damage if retrofitting a used system

Download Carton Flow Mounting Bracket Spec SheetCF Mounting Bracket PDF

Call for carton flow selection advice or a quick budgetary quote.  We can also test your cartons in our in-house testing lab or provide a test level in your facility.

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