Secure Carton Flow Isn’t a Luxury, It’s the Only Way to Go

A key benefit of Mallard’s broad-ranging line of carton flow systems is the custom mounting brackets that are designed to fit each type of pallet rack –structural and roll-formed, alike. The mounting brackets are also unique to each product type to ensure the best fit and thus long-term functionality.

Our mounted supports are customized to match the system design and assure that the completed system meets your needs. Brackets are recessed on front and rear beams ensuring no interference with RFID, pick-to-light and pick-to-voice operations for both put-away and pick operations.


  • Compatible with system guides & dividers
  • Several options to fit each Mallard carton flow product
  • Customize pitch levels
  • Compatible with beam labels
  • Recessed to allow for pick-to-light, RFID & pick-to-light systems


Download our product spec sheets for individual product specifications and applications.