“Hello, Customer Service” is a typical friendly greeting that customers and industry partners receive when they call the Mallard customer service department. That’s because Leslea Wallace is on the job and genuinely happy to help find the answers they are seeking. Leslea also works hard as part of the order processing department to ensure that all orders are processed correctly and in a timely manner. While Leslea’s role is considered an inside role, she’s customer facing in that her job is pivotal to the positive customer experience that Mallard strives for.

So, here’s your chance to turn the tables a bit and to say “Hello” to Leslea…

A Typical Day at Mallard

On a typical day, you will likely find me at my desk, monitoring orders, email or answering the phone.  My job is to take the orders that are received from our outside and inside sales team, create a work order file for each of them and enter them in our orders log.  From there, I send an initial acknowledgement via email, stating to our customer that the order has been received and let them know if any missing paperwork is needed that would keep the order from moving forward through the order process.  All complete order files go to another team member for a ship date and are then given back to me to send a formal acknowledgment. The formal acknowledgment includes more detailed information related to the order, including the ship date.  Once I have done that, the order files are given to other team members to create the bills of material and then the order files are passed on either to our Engineering department for prints or to Planning for truckload and shipping preparation.

Leslea’s Favorite Things

  • My Family — My husband Darrell, and my two children Andrew and Emma.
  • I enjoy participating in local 5K’s, my sister and I just ran a half marathon earlier this Summer.
  • Who doesn’t love watching Hallmark movies at Christmas time!
  • Although I don’t get much time to do this with a 5 ½ and a 3 year old at home!

Why Mallard?

My job lets me interact with a lot of different people within Mallard and I get to know our customers and suppliers too which keeps things interesting. Every day is a little different and I like being able to help keep the orders on track and provide support to ensure that things for our customers go as smoothly as possible. I really enjoy the work environment… and, of course the people I get to work with on a daily basis are pretty great too!