Full Roller Pallet Flow with Entry GuidesPallet flow entry guides provide visual assistance for forklift operators to ensure loading and unloading ease and accuracy.  Mounted to either side of the front pallet position the guides can be either top-mounted on the pallet flow lane itself or rack mounted depending on the application.

Each pallet load and put-away is quicker and easier with better lane visibility and pallet alignment, increasing productivity and reducing risk for product and equipment damage.

Benefits of Pallet Flow Entry Guides:

  • Visual alignment of lane and pallet for faster replenishment
  • Provides pallet tracking and flow consistently for fewer lane hang-ups
  • Increases load and unload safety especially at higher elevations
  • Creates a visual distinction between lanes for easier inventory control

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Here’s some tips for proper loading/unloading procedures for push-back and traditional pallet flow racking:

Loading a Pallet Flow Rack System

  1. Position the fork truck squarely at the opening on the charge side of the system. Optional entry guides are mounted parallel and tight to flow rails with about ½-1” clearance on both sides or are slightly tapered out at the first intermediate beam.
  2. Line up the fork truck with the entry guides or the center middle stringer of pallet with center rail.
  3. Enter the lane 2- 3” above rollers. Do not launch pallets from the lift truck using forks.
  4. Tilt forks forward to place pallet onto lane, allowing pallet to roll away from fork truck to ensure it does not get hung up on entry guides. Avoid hitting the tips of the forks to the wheels.
  5. Back out clearing the end stop before turning.
  6. Position and load the subsequent pallets using the same process.

        Note:  If you notice a pallet with missing or broken bottom board DO NOT place it in the system.

Contact our gravity flow experts for pricing and more information on pallet flow entry guides and safe load and unloading practices.

Pallet Flow Entry Guides using full roller, split roller and Magnum Wheel pallet flow lanes:

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