Faster, More Accurate Pallet Loading with Custom Pallet Flow Entry Guides

Pallet flow entry guides provide visual assistance for forklift operators to ensure pallets are loaded squared (centered) within the pallet flow lane. Entry guides are custom designed to fit your pallet flow lane specifications and are mounted on both the left and right sides of the charge end of the lane. They can be either top-mounted on the pallet flow lane itself or rack-mounted depending on the application.

Deep-lane and floor-mounted pallet flow alike benefit from entry guides. The presence of entry guides at the charge end of the system enables quicker and more accurate pallet loading by providing better lane visibility and guided pallet alignment, increasing productivity and reducing risk for product and equipment damage.


  • Better visual pallet alignment for faster loading
  • Assists pallet tracking for consistent flow and fewer hang-ups
  • Increases safety especially at higher elevations


  • Custom entry guide based on pallet and lane spec
  • Center lane entry guides can be designed for unique pallet applications